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Last update: 06/29/14

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Newer Listings

 246 Sportsman Rd. -Pending (sold in 24 hours)

 106 White Marsh Ln - Pending100 Night Shots just added. Click

 27 White Marsh Ln, Bill Truex built to withstand Cat-5 Hurricane!

 1611 Riverside Dr, Amazing waterfront location! $100,000 in upgrades.

 5 Windward Way. -Just listed 05/12/14. Pending (sold in 5 days)

 189 Rotonda Bl N - 200' deep lot, newer home, very open plan.

 10491 Sherman St - Bridgeless, waterfront access to Gulf of Mexico.

Recently syndicated real estate columns by Brett

05/17/14:  Tips for aspiring Realtors

05/31//14: The great two-minute Fix.

Important Announcement!

Florida's largest MLS system serving 36,000 agents has switched over to new software. This was pre-mature, as the software is very buggy. Either the software will be fixed, or the MLS will revert to the prior system.

This may take several weeks. If you are no longer receiving automated listing notifications, or notice links to MLS services on agents' web sites are not working, please be patient. This may take several weeks to correct. - Brett  06/29/14




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